About Us

OUR GOAL is to provide education and fun through game play for all ages. Our TGC Learning Center is a hub for our younger guests as they experience the magic of STEM through hands-on activities and learning. For our adult guests, we feature a variety of games to discover and play in-store. We foster a safe and friendly location for all game players in our community. We seek to instill a positive impression of tabletop games to the mainstream and to affect an increase in game play.ntent...



We at The Game Chest Games are making the difficult decision to close our organized play space effective Monday March 16th until at least April 1st. We will be reassessing the situation as April 1st gets closer to determine if it is appropriate to re-open at that time. At this time, we feel that temporarily closing the play space is best decision for the community. In addition, the Del Amo Fashion Center is temporarily closing until March 31st and so our Del Amo location has closed as well until the mall reopens. 

The retail portion of our Mission Viejo and Irvine stores will remain open and we are implementing new processes to make shopping easier and safer for our customers. Since news of covid-19 we have upped our cleaning schedules and taken extra measures to ensure that the entire store was sanitized and disinfected. We will continue with these measures to ensure the safety of those who visit and work at the store.

We opened our stores so that our friends and family and our extended gaming family had a safe and comfortable place to play. We have a passion for games and connecting people to those games. A large part of that is the community that a store brings together inside its walls by connecting people and playing games. Closing our play space was an extremely difficult decision to make even if it’s only for a few weeks. Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.

We are still here to help you find the perfect games and toys, and as previously mentioned we will accommodate with curb-side pick up.

Make sure to stay safe, wash your hands and play some games.