Great news! Summer sessions are now listed through June and the rest are coming very soon.

You have the option to choose each session seperately through the calendar or purchase a week at a time on our front page.
All classes will be served a snack and lunch will also be served for all day participants.
Early drop off/late pickup available for $5.00 a day.

$275 full days, full week
$165 1/2 days full week
$40 1/2 day, single day
$79 full day, single day

Sibling discount 20% (have to come into the store to pay if you want to get this discount).

All classes will include the theme of the day activities and experiments along with board game time (educational and just fun). We will also do arts and craft and other fun activities throughout the day.

I have listed all of the individual 4 hour blocks of classes within the calendar of classes. The problem arises when you want to send you child here for a whole week! (Which I hope that you do.) So I have had to have a seperate area to sell the weeks or day blocks. Please scroll down the Home page to bottom and you will see the weekly, daily and discounted rates and listings. Still havent figured out how to do a discount for siblings so please come into the store for that to ensure you get that discount.